Installation Prerequisites

Follow the Hardware Requirements guide and the Setup User guide to setup the server for Controller installation.

The Diyotta Manager installation download links and commands can be obtained from the Diyotta support team. The details to contact support team can be obtained from service desk page.


If using external database as metadata repository then make sure it it running prior to Manager installation.

Step I: Login to the server as Diyotta Manager.

Step II: Provide execute permission to the installer file using the chmod command.

chmod 775

Step III: Execute the Controller installer as the Diyotta Manager.

Do not execute with command "sh" as it will give an error message "Cannot execute binary file"


The following output will appear:

Step IV: To proceed with the installation, press Enter and read the License agreement. Choose Y at the end to accept the agreement.The following output will appear:

Step V: Next, provide the Diyotta Manager installation directory. By default, the installer will select user's home directory as install location.

Step VI: Provide port numbers as per the system requirements guideServer Message Protocol is tcp by default. 

Step VII: After entering the required details, installer prompts for confirmation to install. Press Enter to start Diyotta Manager Installation.

Step VIII: After successful installation, a success message will be displayed as shown below.

If the installation fails then the error message will be displayed with the final status.

The installation log can be found under /tmp with name bitrock_installer_*****.log.

Post installation setup

1. Setup the environment variables by following the "Add Environment Variables" page.

2. Start the Manager service (Reference: Start Diyotta Manager Services).

3. After successful Manager startup, access Diyotta Manager from browser using the URL http://<hostname or ip>:<startup port>. 

4. Use default login credentials for first time login. Default credentials are - username: admin & password: admin. This user has administrative privileges so it is recommended to change the password of this user after login.

5. Post login the license key needs to be added to access the Diyotta Manager functionalities. Also set Diyotta Manager Repository and Diyotta Manager Broker details, refer Initial Setup.