To set up Diyotta Manager components, user environment should be set up first. This article explains how to set up Linux environments for Diyotta Manager installation.


On Linux systems, Diyotta Manager components should be installed by creating a dedicated user account. The dedicated user account should be used for installing, running configurations and maintaining updates of Diyotta Manager components.

Multiple Diyotta Manager and Diyotta Node Managers can be installed and maintained on same server as long as they are installed on different users.

Note: You are free to create the directories and dedicated user names of your own choice. However, the standard approach is mentioned in the commands given below and is recommended as best practice.

1. Create a directory "app" under root directory.

#mkdir /app

2. Create the group and add user to the group.

# groupadd diyotta
# useradd -d /app/dimanager -g diyotta dimanager

3. Set the password for username.

# passwd dimanager

Note: Make sure Java 1.8.x is installed on the server and is accessible to the user "dimanager".