Support Desk

To contact CloudSync support desk, visit datom Support.

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Support Portal

Requires login credentials to create support ticket. Authorized support leads from each client department/group will have access to this portal.  Maximum of 3 people for each department are allowed. 


To report any issues through email use the contact provided. Ensure that the urgency, environment effected, and the detailed description of the issue is provided when sending email.

Community Portal

How-to queries and functionality related guidance can be searched and asked here.

Support Level Agreement

Diyotta is committed to offering Support Services to its customers based on the response time guidelines indicated in the table below. Based on issue severity and priority, the problem resolutions can be through, workarounds, product patches, or through an upcoming product release.

Priority Level


Response Time

Resolution Time


Status Updates


This applies only to production systems. Defect causing the software or functionality to be unusable or inoperable with no acceptable bypass or workaround.

1 hour

Target 48 hours with best continuous effort




Software or functionality is unusable or inoperable but acceptable bypass or workaround is available.

2 hours

Target 2 work weeks

US Regular Hours

Weekly or As required during resolution cycle


Defect causing a minor function to be disabled with minimal impact to the users. Additionally, all enhancements (feature requests) should fall in this category.

24 hours

Target 4 work weeks

US Regular Hours

As required during resolution cycle


Superficial or cosmetic defect causing no function to be disabled and does not impact user community.

48 hours

Target 8 work weeks

US Regular Hours

As required during resolution cycle

Product Issues Workflow

Enhancement Request Workflow