To install and setup Diyotta Manager software Components, the server requires minimum recommended configurations. The requirements are for server hardware, ports, repository database, and environment variables.

Minimum hardware requirements for Diyotta Manager

HW SpecificationRecommended
CPU2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 or Higher @2.00GHz


Dual or Higher


8 GB or Higher

Disk Space

Minimum 10 GB

Operating System

RHEL, CentOS Linux 6.1 or higher


Java 1.8x


2 Gigabit Network Connection (100MB/s)

DB Space for Repository

10 GB or higher

Port requirement for Diyotta Manager

Default Port NumberDescriptionNetwork Firewall Requirement
7000Manager Startup Port – The port on which Manager service is running and accept connections from all client modules.
This port should be open in network to accept connections from intranet or internet
7001Embedded PostgresSQL Database port
This port need not be opened over the network.
7002Manager broker startup Port – Port on which manager broker service will be running. This port is used to communicate between manager and the node manager.
This port should be open in network to accept connections from node managers.

Minimum hardware requirement for Node Manager

Node manager is installed on the same server as Diyotta services. Only requirement for node manager is to have an additional minimum 4 GB memory availability.