The Diyotta instances that need to be managed through Diyotta Manager should be segregated under the Environments. All the Diyotta services belonging to a specific Diyotta environment or instance like Development, UAT, QA or Production should be registered under different environment in Diyotta manager. To create a new environment in Diyotta Manager, follow below steps.

Step I: Create an new environment. Here, you have two options:

Option 1: Click on Create Environment under Home section.

Option 2: Click on Create Environment from Environment drop-down.

Step II: Enter the Environment name, description, and click Create.

The Message window displays the success message.

Step III: Proceed to node manager creation page or remain on the environment configuration page.

Click Continue to create node manager. For more information, refer Creating Node Manager.

Click Cancel to remain on the Environment create page. To update further, edit and click Update.

Step IV: Click Cancel to go to Environment list page. The Environment page lists the new environment created.

Note: Search action helps to find the environment information quickly. Enter the environment name in the search box, and the specific environment information is displayed.