Diyotta Manager metadata can be hosted either on "embedded repository" or on "external repository" By default, it is hosted on embedded repository and a recommended option during installation. 

Hosting metadata on embedded repository 

The embedded repository is PostgreSQL database, installed along with Diyotta Manager installation. Choosing this option at installation will configure it automatically on the server where you are installing the Diyotta Manager.

Hosting metadata on external repository

External repository is the PostgreSQL database which already exists in the client space or newly installed PostgreSQL database outside of where Diyotta Manager is installed.

Note: To install and setup PostgreSQL database and use to host metadata repository, refer to Installing PostgreSQL Extension.

To install Diyotta Manager, following details of PostgreSQL database are required.

Repository Data Base typePostgreSQL
Data Base HostIP address of the data base system to be used for Repository
Data Base DB PortPort on which database system accepts connection for Repository
Data Base DB nameDatabase name to be used for Repository
Data Base DB userDedicated User (Primary account) on DB for Repository
Data Base DB passwordUser password to connect to DB.