How to assign an Agent to the Projects

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2 Environment
3 How to assign a Agent to the Projects
3.1 CREATE a Project
3.2 CREATE an agent
3.3 Assigning Agent to projects
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This article explains how to create an agent, project and assign agent to project.


This knowledge base document applies to Diyotta Data Integration Suite version v3.4.

Assigning an Agent to Projects

Create a Project

Refer the "How to create Project "knowledge base article.

Create an Agent

Refer the "How to create an Agent" knowledge base article.

Assigning an Agent to Projects

The steps involved in assigning an agent to projects is as follows,

1 . Open Admin, Right click on Frictionless Agents tab as follows and click on Add Agent.

2. Now create an agent then we can see 'Assigned to Project' tab where all available projects are listed as shown below.

3. Now select the desired projects and add to the list using  icon.

4. After adding the desired projects to 'Assigned Projects Window' looks like following screen window. Click 'OK'.

5. Now, we can disconnect (if already connected) and connect studio and open the project which we assigned earlier and 'Create new connection' then assigned agent will be visible.

6. After creating new connection from above wizard, in Properties tab all the assigned agents will be seen under Agent label as mentioned below.


  • Project: Grouping up of organizational alignment to high level objects .Project is root of tree its leafs to Design and Stream .

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