Google Analytics to Snowflake-Data Ingestion


The Google Analytic is a web analytics service that is integrated with the Google Adwords. It tracks and reports website traffic and user behavior. It provides an SDK that reads data from iOS and Android Apps.
The Diyotta Analytics software reads data from Google and uploads it to Snowflake. It uses dimensions and metrics to analyze and upload data.

Explained below are the steps to use the Google Analytics feature of Diyotta:

  1. Creating Data Point
  2. Creating/Importing Data Object
  3. Creating a Data Flow

Creating Data Point

To create a Data Point for Google Analytics:

1. Log in to the Diyotta URL using your User Id and Password.

2. Click New Data Point.

3. Click Google Analytics.

4. Click Properties in the above screen.

5. In the Scope, OAuth Client ID, OAuth Client Secret, and CallbackURL fields enter required information:

6. Click Save.

7. Click Test DataPoint. The following login page appears.

Note: Enable popups because the login page may not appear if the popup blockers are on.

8. Enter your User Id and Password.

9. Click Allow. The following message appears.

10. Click Close.

11. From the Action menu, click Refresh.

12. The Access Token and Refresh Token fields are automatically generated, as highlighted in the following screen.

Creating/Importing Data Object

The next step is to create/import a Data Object. To create it, follow the below given steps:

1. Click New Data Object.

2. Click the Data Point name.

3. Click Attributes.

4. If there are no available Attributes, then click the button to add.

i. Open a browser and enter "" in the address bar.

ii. Select all fields based on the information provided in the above screen.

iii. In the Metrics and Dimensions fields, click and select information as shown in the following screen.

Note: The Metrics need to be selected based on Dimension selection. You can select a maximum of three metrics and seven Dimensions.

iv. Click Run Query.

5. Add Attributes by clicking the symbol.

6. Change the Attribute names, Attribute Type, and Category based on the Dimensions and Metrics created in the Query Explorer.

7. Click Save.

Creating a Data Flow

To create a Data Flow, follow the below given steps:

1. Click New Data Flow. Creating

2. Click the Data Point name.

3. From the right menu bar, under Source, click and drag a data source name to the canvas area.

4. Select the Data Object name and click Ok.

5. Select all the Attribute names and click Ok.

6. Click Save under the Actions menu.

7. Select the Source name in the canvas area and then click Create as Target from the Actions menu.

  • The following screen appears.

8. Select the Data Point name to be the Target name and then click Ok.

  • The following screen appears.

9. Click Save.

10. Click Run. The following screen appears.

Note: To check the status of execution, navigate to the Monitor module as highlighted in the below screen.

A successful execution is displayed in a similar manner as the below given screen.