Once a Data Point is created/imported/modified, on the Actions menu, click Save. Upon saving, all the unsaved objects are saved at once.

Note: After saving or discarding the current changes only you can navigate to any other object in different hierarchy and proceed further.

  • The unsaved objects are marked with black asterisks against the name in the list.
  • If you click the Save option when a single Data Point is open in the workspace, then only the changes made to the open Data Point are saved.
  • If you click the Save option when the list of Data Points Canvas is open, then all the unsaved Data Points in the list are saved.
  • If the data point you are trying to save has any dependent objects locked by another user, then the Locked Objects window appears. The pop-up window lists all the locked dependent objects (data objects, data flows, data stream, data connect, and job flows) along with the login id of the user who has it open. To reflect the changes and continue further, either unlock or close the locked dependent objects and then click Save.
  • After you save the data point, the dependent objects are impacted.