You can import the structure of the database table or views or file data and automatically create the corresponding data object.

Step I: Navigate to New Data Object window in one of the following ways.

Option I: On the Navigation pane, mouseover the Data Object, and then click Import Schema.

Option II: On the Navigation pane click Data Object, and then on the actions menu, click New icon and select Import Schema.

Import Schema window appears and prompts you to provide the details for importing data object and pull the structure from.

Step II: In the Import Schema window,

The window displays the list of supported data platforms, click and select a Data Platform.

Note: To search for a specific database, enter the keyword in search bar and the window displays the search result. Select the required data platform and click Ok.

After selecting the data platform, select the type of database, assign the data point properties, and finally selected the data objects to be imported.

Note: The steps vary based on the type of database being imported.