Create a copy of the data object as other in following ways:

Option I: Open a Data object, and on the Actions menu, click Copy As OtherTo open a Data object, refer Opening Data object.

Option II: From the list of data objects, select one or more data objects and then on the Actions menu click Copy As Other.

Likewise, you can also create copy of a single data object as other on canvas from specific data object actions. From the list of data objects, select a data object, then on the specific Data object Actions menu, click Copy As Other.

In both the scenarios, Create New Data Object window displays the list of supported data platforms, click and select a Data Platform. For more information, refer Creating New Data Object.

Upon selecting a data platform, the next tab displays the list of corresponding data points. From the list select a data point and click Next.

If there is any Global project that user has access to, then the Project drop-down will list them. Select the Global project from the list if the data object must be chosen from there. After selection, the canvas displays respective global data objects as per the database type.


  • To move back to previous step, click Back.
  • To close the widow, click Cancel.

Based on the selected data platform type, a copy of each selected Data object gets created.

  • If the type of database is similar to one selected, then a copy of each selected Data Object is created with sequence number added as a suffix and the number increments by one for every copy created of the Data Object.
  • If the type of database is not similar then a copy is created and appended to the existing list in the Data Object canvas.

To save the changes made to the data object, refer Saving a Data object.