Open a Data Flow in the following ways:

Step I: Open the Data Flow User Interface.

Option I: On the Home page, click Data Flows tile header.

Option II: On the Navigation pane, click Data Flow.

 The canvas displays the list of all the available Data Flows.

Step II: Open a Data Flow

You can open a Data Flow by clicking on the Data Flow name in the list of Data Flows.

Alternatively, to open single or multiple Data Flows together, select the Data Flows on canvas, and on the Actions menu, click More. Then, under the More actions, click Open.

The Data Flow selected first opens in the canvas area.

The Opened Objects pane displays the list of all opened objects. Click on specific Data Flow, to open it in the canvas.

Once a Data Flow is open, it gets locked for edit and it opens in read-only mode for other users.