Diyotta Studio is a collaborative multi-user environment to develop and implement data integration processes seamlessly. It provides rich graphical interface with ability to create objects, drag and drop these objects to create data integration pipelines, define run-time properties and orchestrate the flow of these pipelines.

In Studio the data pipelines are created using logical representation of physical objects like database tables or files, connection details to data systems and transformation steps. Each object has different representation and interface to manage its metadata. The Studio also provides various debug options for each step of data integration pipeline developed.

Below are the major components in Studio that are used to build business logic.

Data Points: This is used to provide connection details for the source and target system.

Data Objects: This is metadata of the physical objects like tables and files.

Data Flow: The data integration pipelines are developed here using the Data points and the Data Objects.

Job Flow: This provides capability to define order and condition based on which data flows should be run.

Data Connect: Real time data ingestion is processed using source and sink connectors.

Studio also comes with reusable components like Parameters, Sequence, Expression and Data Subflow.

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You can also export and import the Studio objects to deploy code from one environment to the other or to maintain code on external versioning repository.

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For more details on importing the studio objects, refer Importing Studio Objects.