The Admin module is exclusively offered for management and administrative purposes. You can control projects and layers within it, users and their privileges, agents and their configuration, and usability features of other modules. The Admin provides role-based security to manage projects in a multi-team environment. In addition, the Admin module is used to enable connectors to integrate source and target systems and you can also set their default connection settings here.

All maintenance tasks such as licensing, client module based maintenance such defining security roles, user access, project and application parameters, as well as server tasks such as agent setup and managing external resources, all happens in the Admin module. This is also where users can be monitored, and objects can be unlocked in the case of a multi-developer environment. 

For managing Agents, refer Working with Agents.

For managing Users, refer Working with Users.

For managing Projects, refer Working with Projects.

For managing Roles, refer Working with Roles.

For managing features of other modules, refer Editing Application Settings.

For managing connectors refer below pages.

Enabling Data Points

Editing Data Type Mapping

Editing Extract Properties

Editing Load Properties

Editing Runtime Properties