Interactive mode in data flow is used to preview the data output of any transform in the data flow. The sample data output can be viewed as the data flow is being developed or at any point to debug the logic implemented in the data flow. All the prior connected transforms should be valid and all the properties should be configured correctly in the transform to view the output data from it.

To enable and disable the interactive mode in data flow, from the Actions menu, toggle the Interactive option button. The green button indicates enabled. Once enabled, for each transform apart from Design and Script tab, additionally Data tab will also be shown.

The number of records that are displayed for a transform in interactive mode can be controlled by the Data View Limit property in the data flow. For more details, refer Creating New Data Flow.

Select a transform and navigate to Data tab to view the output of the transform.

  • Data tab displays the output of the selected transform based on the attributes and conditions specified in it.
    1. Click on Refresh option to execute the transform again and display the data.
    2. Click on Refresh All option to execute the transform again by dropping the tform tables of all the units and display the data
    3. Click on Export option to save the output as excel to the download folder in the users machine.
  • Monitor tab displays the state of execution of the transform.
    1. The status of execution can be ActiveDeferred, Succeeded, Waiting on Dependency, or Failed. 
    2. If the transform is under execution then, you can either Stop or Abort.
    3. If the transform is under execution (Active/Waiting for Dependency) then by clicking Refresh icon the latest status gets updated and while under process you can view the status icon below the table.
    4. You can also view the execution log to debug the implemented logic. To view the log, click on the Log icon. The details in the log are similar to that shown in the Monitor. For details on the log generated, refer Viewing Monitor Run Logs.

Note: The execution corresponding to viewing of data for any transform in an interactive data flow is listed in the Monitor and the run is indicated with the data flow name suffixed with text Debug.