To validate the latest enhancements in the properties or parent objects (like data point and data object) of data flow:

Option I: Validating one or more data flows in canvas. 

In the canvas, from the list of Data Flows, select one or more data flows. On the Actions menu, under More click Validate.

Likewise, you can also validate a single data flow on canvas from specific data flow actions. From the list of Data Flows, click the ellipses for specific Data Flow, and on the Actions menu, click Validate.

Option II: Validating a single data flow in workspace.

From the list of data flows, open a data flow, and on the Actions menu, click Validate under MoreTo open a data flow, refer Opening Data Flow.

  • In the Properties pane, an asterisk followed by comment in red coloured text signifies that the data flow is not validated.
  • If the parent object for the data is invalid, then the data object and data flow are invalid and indicated using an asterisk in red color.
  • Upon clicking an invalid data flow, a message appears and displays that the parent object (i.e. data object) is invalid.
Note: Upon fixing the parent object issue, to reflect the changes in the parent object the data flow must be validated.  If there are no issues, then the data object and data flow are indicated in black asterisk.