To maintain data confidentiality when a user opens a data flow then by default its in lock mode for others.

In this use case consider User-1 and User-2 as two authorized users.

Scenario I: Warning message

  • If User-1 is working on a data flow and User-2 also tries to open and work on the same data flow, then it is opened in read-only mode, and for confirmation a warning message appears on top of the screen and its vice-versa.

Scenario II: Unlocking a data flow (by User-2)

If User-2 is working on a data flow, and wants to unlock the same data flow for USER-1.

  • To unlock a data flow, on the Actions menu under More, click Unlock.

A confirmation message appears and automatically the User-2 is locked and moves to read-only mode.

  • The lock/unlock status is updated only after refreshing the details. To update the status, on the Actions menu, click Refresh.
  • Upon opening a data flow (i.e.unlocking) by authenticated user, by default it changes to read only mode for other users.
  • Only single user can edit the data flow and for others on top of the screen a warning message appears.
  • All the opened data flows are unlocked automatically upon navigating the flows to other hierarchy.