Create a copy of the transform in Data Flow in the following way.

Option I:

Step I: Select one or multiple data transforms on the canvas. On the Actions menu, click Copy Transform.

The transforms are copied, and a success message is displayed.

Step II. After copying the transform, on the Actions menu, click Paste Transform

The data transforms are copied on the canvas as shown below, and success message is displayed.

Option II: Select one or multiple data transforms on the canvas and then, click on the ellipses for specific transform actions, and click Create Copy.

Upon clicking create copy, the transforms are copied and pasted in the cavas, and the success message is displayed.

Based on the selection criteria, selected data transform copies are created along with sequence number as suffix. For each new copy of the data transform being copied the sequence number is incremented by 1.

To save the changes made to the data Flow, refer Saving Data Flow.


  • One or more transforms can be copied from one Data Flow to another Data Flow within the same project.
  • To copy a transform across Data Flows, take copy of transform in one Data Flow, and paste it in another Data Flow.