CLI (Command Line Interface) commands are used to perform operations on Diyotta externally. Diyotta provides these CLI commands in two forms.

1. Linux command: Diyotta provides Linux command named dicmd that can be executed from any Linux machine to perform operations on Diyotta.

2. RestFul API: Diyotta provides a RestFul API to connect and submit operations to be performed on it. These Rest calls call be made from any application that supports executing Rest commands.

These CLI commands can be used for external orchestration of Diyotta job execution or for exporting and importing Diyotta objects. The complete list of possible operations that can be performed and the description of the parameters to be passed can be found in below pages. 

For details on dicmd command, refer Working with dicmd command.

For details on RestFul API commands, refer Working with Diyotta Rest API.