A unique login id should be created for each user who wants to login to Diyotta. The users can be assigned with appropriate privileges at various levels.

When Diyotta is installed, by default a login id admin is created with Administrator privileges. The default password is set as admin for this user. It is recommended to change this password once logged into Diyotta for the first time.

To get to the Users page, on the Navigation Pane click UsersThe Users screen displays the list of all users created.

Following fields are displayed on the list.

  • User - Displays the name of the user.
  • Login Id - Displays the login id of the user.
  • OrganizationDisplays the Organization to which the User is assigned to. This field is displayed only when multi organization is enabled in Repository. For more information regarding Organization, refer Working with Organizations
  • Last Edited By - Displays the information about the user who last updated the user details.
  • Last Edited On - Displays the information about the date and time of last modification to the user details.
  • Enable/Disable - Displays if the user is enabled or disabled. If a user is disabled, the user will not be able to login into Diyotta. For more information, refer Enabling and Disabling Users.

For more information on creating new user, refer Creating New User.

For more information on opening and editing a user, refer Opening User.

For more information on deleting a user, refer Deleting User.

For more information on resetting password of users, refer Resetting Password of Users.

For more information on enabling and disabling users, refer Enabling and Disabling Users.