Once a Diyotta Agent is installed, it is required that the Agent be added/registered with the controller. The Agent can be started only after registering with the Controller. To get to the Agents registry page, on the Navigation Pane click AgentsThe Agents screen displays the list of all agents registered with the Controller.

The default agent which is installed as part of the Controller installation is registered automatically as part of the installation. You would see this Agent in the list by default when the Agents page is opened for the first time.

Following fields are displayed on the list.

  • Agent - Displays the name of the registered agent.
  • Status - Displays the status as whether the agent is up and running. The status can be active or inactive.
  • Last Edited By Displays the information about the user who last updated the Agent properties.
  • Last Edited On - Displays the information about the date and time of last modification to the Agent properties.

For more information on registering an agent with the controller, refer Adding New Agent.

For more information on opening and editing an agent, refer Opening Agent.

For more information on deleting an agent, refer Deleting Agent.