You can view and edit the runtime properties for Hive and Spark data system here. The default value for run time properties can be set one time here based on the standards you want to follow. These properties reflect as defaults for runtime properties in data points and in the source and target instance of the data flow. For more information about runtime properties of Hive and Spark databases, refer Editing Runtime Properties in Hadoop Data Point.

  • To get to the Runtime Properties, on the navigation pane, mouseover Configs and click Runtime Properties.

These properties can be overridden if required for specific data point, data flow or job flow.

  • Choose the database from Database drop-down.

  • You can search for a specific property to view the list of existing property values. In Filter By Property Name search box, enter the property to look for.

  • You can edit the value against the specific property. Depending on the property, the value field can be drop-down or text field.
  • To add new property values under Hive Optimization or Map Reduce Properties type, select the respective property type, and click New.

  • Add Property window appears and you can provide the Property Name and Value as required and click OK.
  • Once the required changes have been made, click Save.


  • The Revert option gets displayed only once you make changes in property values. To revert the changes before saving the values, click Revert.
  • To update the values for latest changes, click Refresh.