Data type mapping page displays the mapping of data types from one system to the other. This mapping is used in Studio when the user creates data object of any system type from another type of data object. This can be done using "Copy as Other" option under data object action or "Create as Target" under the data flow action. Internally, Diyotta will utilize the mapping defined here to map the data type from the source data object to the data types for corresponding attributes in the newly created data object. You can modify the default mapping defined here to the required one. The changes here will be applicable only to the action performed after the change.

  • To get to the Data Type Mapping, on the navigation pane, mouseover Configs and click Data Type Mapping.

  • Choose the source and target database from Source and Target database panes.

  • You can search for a specific datatype to view the list of existing datatype mapping. In Filter By Data Type search box, enter the data type to look for.

  • You can edit the mapping by selecting the required datatype from the drop-down against any datatype of source system. Once the required changes have been made, click Save.


  • The Revert option gets displayed only once you make changes in field values. To revert the changes before saving the details, click Revert.
  • To update the values for latest changes, click Refresh.