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1. Login to the Controller box as the Diyotta user.

2. If the PostgreSQL database is not running then, start it using the following command

  • For embedded metadata


  • For external metadata
<postgres installation folder>/postgres/bin/

Note: To verify the status of postgreSQL, connect to postgreSQL database using ./psql -p <db port> -d <db name> -U <db username> . psql command is available in the above mentioned "bin" folder.

2. Run the PostgreSQL backup command from Controller installation


A back up of the metadata repository is created in the directory $DI_HOME/server/pgsql/backup. This default directory can be overridden by adding environment variable DI_BACKUP and specifying the directory where the backup should be taken.

The format in which the metadata backup file is generated is direpdb_<id>_<dt>.backup.gz. Here <id> is the version id of controller & <dt> is a timestamp when backup file is generated.

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